IOT On Wheels

The IoT revolution arrived and is here to stay. On May 25th, several of our vendors are coming together to showcase their IoT-solutions. You, as one of our (future) partners, will have the opportunity to discover and explore new opportunities for your business. There will be much to do, including sessions on manufacturing, retail, transport and smart spaces, as well as dedicated partner sessions displaying real life case studies, designed to inspire you. On top of all of that, all partners come together during an all-day exhibition where you can connect.

Subscribe now for the Tech Data IoT on Wheels Roadshow 2018, where we will exhibit our commitment to innovation, with a focus on demonstrating and staging the future: enabling smart services to deliver intelligent solutions. Click here for the agenda. 

Location: Living Tomorrow - Indringingsweg 1, 1800 Vilvorde
Date: 25th May
Time: Doors continuously open from 9AM till 6PM.

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